Carpe Diem … How annoying is Carpe Diem ….. Seizing every moment of every day ….. However shall you plan a life ? How will you get through the hard times if your Carpe diem’ing every second ?..Who would sit through the 4 years of pharmacy ? Who would become anything for that matter if we’re all living in the momentΒ  . We’d be all to busy living in the now … Whatever that is !

So back to the black converse sneakers which had the capability to freeze every bone in my body ….. Oh please don’t be Rameez. …… Please .. please…please …. And a few seconds later the table cloth lifts with a hand extending towards Zara . It was Moe ! .. SHUKR..
I should have really made dua for something else , I mean since they were all getting accepted now !…

Moe: What a fine sight ?

As he helped Zara up and I withdrew myself from under the table and composed myself to stand up straight , man…whew… that was really uncomfortable ! So I looked around skeptically and so no sign of Rameez or Moe’s mother coming to think of it so I joined into Moe and Zara’s conversation .

Moe: Your pretty dressed up for someone that’s getting married ! WIFEY!

Zara: it’s soon to be Wifey ,… can’t a girl enjoy her bachelorette hood while she has it ( Zara batting her eyelashes like she so flawlessly does when she wants to get her way )

Not to be rude but I wanted to know where Rameez was without actually wanting Moe to know that I wanted to ask ! So I played my words …

Me: Muhammad .. If your mum sees you she’s goin to freak out , let alone if anyone sees your’ll ! So where is she?

Moe : Amaani Amaani .. Ever so curious and worried (smirk) .. Relax , Rameezo is providing a good distraction for me kiddo !

Me .. Curious ? Worried? Rameezo? And kiddo? … What is this guy on ‘herbs’ ?

Zara: she’s right you know …. your mum would have a hernia if she saw us ! And probably a heart attack if she saw me dressed up !

Moe : Relax love ! Rameez went with her to get some shopping done , they’ll be a while … he is my best man for a reason you know …

He thereafter gave Zara an affectionate look , it’s like they had some sort of telepathy and knew exactly what each other said , I swear most hove their sentences had sub meanings ! Moe also , every time he says Rameez’s name he’d smirk at me like he knew something , does Rameez talk about me to Moe ? What does Moe know ?

Moe : i’ve missed you wifey ( and he extends his arms for a hug )

Zara : Na uh , Moe you stink !

Moe : it’s the gym ! A bachelors has got to do these things (wink)

Zara: well that’s going to be short lived Mr. Moosa

Moe : Why of course Mrs . Moosa

And he eventually hugged her .. It was sweet , but he did smell , anyhow love is blind , I guess you probably have to not have a sense of smell too … So I couldn’t take the lovey Dovey couple anymore . It was funny how Moe towered over Zara , she was relatively short and him giraffe tall , on the bright side the girl could wear all the heels in the world ! So I decided to leave them for a bit and take a walk .

Soon I found myself in woolworths , it was a mothers heaven … The food court and disregarded taste in shopping .. Clearly not my mothers place of taste , but surely every other normal one ! So browsing through the isles , running my fingers through the soft linen and winter blankets they had on special , seemed a good past time . Suddenly I fell a grasp on my wrist and within seconds was pulled or more like swooned into the last isle where not many people or more like no one was present !…Wth!

xoxo A

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