Relatable101- Part 43

Reese's Girly Closet

Reese’s Girly Closet

Family , its what keeps us together . Its like they’ve been hand picked by Allah and gifted down to us to spend beautiful moments with . We’re so lucky we don’t even have to find them , we’re born with them . Through happiness and sadness , joy and grief …. Family sticks together for it is a bond that is so strong it will compel against all odds to avoid incurring separation . So remember Blood makes you Related , but Loyalty makes you Family :)

Breakfast was breathtaking and satisfying after the workout I just had . The table consisted of waay too many amazing dishes to try and I ate to my full . The Moosa family breakfast was like an annual breakfast ! ( I wondered if they ate like this daily or it was a once in a while reunion thing ) The ambiance was also something , all the trip tales , the laughing and joking . It turns out Uncle Ray and his brother were on a business trip and Aunty Farah and her sister in law went for a vacation , but they had planned their trip such so that they could all meet in Dubai and return home together .

When breakfast was almost done Uncle Ray started talking to about my pharmacy career move . ( I was so sure my dad put him up to this ! ) I told how great I was finding Westville and it’s going pretty well .

Uncle Ray : Your all grown up ay … Just the other day you were sitting on my lap telling me all your stories with that purple bear you carried around .

Me : It was a purple monkey I think ( reminiscing over my childhood ) .. I was your favorite child Uncle Ray , I was that well behaved . ( and the flashbacks of Raeesa being a mummy’s girl always crying and Rameez being barely around came flooding in … )

Uncle Ray : Of Course my child … Shh don’t tell my kids .. You still are ( laugh ) ( he was the sweetest person ever , a lot like my dad , in fact him and my dad go waaay back , they were in campus together )

Me : (laugh) Its our secret ( I said nodding my head in a yess , smiling )

Uncle Ray : So tell me Amaani , why did you want to do Pharmacy , you are so capable . Such a bright child … You should have taken up medicine. ( pause ) Its not too late you know , you can swap over , Rameez can even help you with it ? ( he said with such a genuine hearty smile ) ( I see where Raeesa gets all that niceness from ) ..

Me : Uncle Ray , when last have you spoken to my dad ? ( I said laughing because I knew this was not Uncle Ray’s but rather my daddy’s words . )

Uncle Ray : ( now laughing , realizing I already caught onto his plan ) .. Told you your a very sharp girl … I saw him yesterday , he came to meet us at O.R.Tambo ! He was really worried about you dear , but I told him not to worry , I’m here and I’ll keep a look out for you . Seriously my child , if you ever need anything … Don’t ever hesitate to come to me . I’m always here for you ( smile )

This continued for a while and I really felt as if I was talking to my own father . Uncle Ray really did bear a close resemblance to my dad and he was so warm hearted . Soon he had to leave to attend to some work and before I could approach Raeesa as I haven’t had the chance to talk to her yet and brief her about this morning , MeeMaa appeared before me .

MM ( MeeMaa) : Amaanee ? ( saying it in a very questionable tone )

Me : MeeMaa ( saying it in the happiest tone ever , I was glad she recognized me )

The introductions continued along with the reminiscing , also stating the obvious of how much I’ve grown and the usual comment of how I must get married now . ( I’ve really missed her )
I think MeeMaa and I had spoken for almost half an hour when she brought something to my attention which when she said it I found rather funny .

MM : Look at that girl all over my grandson …. Girls like that ! Mothers must put them on a leash ! Salee ! Who she ?

Me : ( Now looking at Rameez and Nazia doing what she always does telling him about his fitness , physique and workout ) … ( laugh ) … That MeeMaa is Nazia , she studies with all of us . ( I didn’t want to say anything bad at this point , it seemed Nazia all over Rameez affected MeeMaa more then it affected me )

MM : Just look at her ! Look ! Look ( MeeMaa forcing me to look at them ) … What that girl is up to ! What she thinks ? The way she’s buttering up my grandson ! Like his a slice of toast ! … Go Amaani ! Go … Keep her away from your Rameez !

Me : ( laughing ) MeeMaaaaaa! ( now feeling shy ) … My Rameez ?

MM: Of course ! Don’t you for once think I kept all my gold gold bangles and diamonds for that girl . When I give my grandson’s wife my family air looms I can tell you from now I will rather take it to my Kabr then give her ! I thought I will keep them so nicely for you but now … I don’t know how long I got to live , and you young young generation of today , your’ll take so long to get married nowadays . Who’ll know what I’ll see and won’t see !

She was the typical Indian grandmother that I loved so much ! And yeah she actually nudged me forward to put a break to Nazia hitting on her grandson . How I loved my MeeMaa .

So while slotting in between the two where MeeMaa pushed me . I greeted .
Rameez : Amaani ! Just in time ( he looked relived for some reason ) … Yeah Naaz I gotta go shower , but hey you can tell Amee all about your gym sessions or fitness or whatever it was you were talking about ! ( and as he slid away , he mouthed a thank you to me )

I just felt like I came to Rameez Moosa’s rescue , who knew even he found it painful to be around Nazia . So I really wasn’t planning a conversation starter with her and tried to walk away but she opened her mouth ! ( just wonderful #sarcasm )

Nazia : Heard your mums hosting this years charity Brunch ! So what’s the charity case ? Wouldn’t be you by any chance ! ( a wicked laugh )

Me : This year ? …. its awareness for countries around the world like Palestine and Syria , our initiative is to aid them . Guess if you’d been more noble and less self absorbed you would have at least known that ! Then again these brunches are just socials events for you , doubt you’d know anything ! ( Oh yeah , I was on a role , but seriously this was a noble cause ,I hated it when she made a trash remark about it ! Self absorbed much ! )

Nazia : Oh Anyways ! F. Y .I , my mum hosted the last years one , so yeah ! ( she was trying to get back at me ) ( I wonder if she even knew the cause to her own mothers charity brunch ? )

Me : So , do you know what the cause was ?

Nazia : Well how am I supposed to remember that ! ( I rest my case ! )

Me : The animal shelter , for stray animals and giving them better homes ! ( maybe that’s where her parents picked her up from ! ) …. My point exactly ! ( see I just wanted to let her know that there are other things in life and some things really was not about her ! )

Nazia : Who cares ? … Do you know I did lark so much work , and my parents were torali impressed ! They even got me a new Merc ! And even increased my allowance ! So ! Yeah ! So whateves ! ( that was too much abbreviations for me to fight with ! )

Me : Well I care , I believe in doing good and charity work , and guess what ? I don’t even take money for it . ( saying these words I left and walked away . I mean seriously helping out at these things to her were just about getting a new car or a raise for more materialistic Louis Vuitton bags or Christian Louboutin shoes ! I found that shallow . Her closeness to Rameez didn’t irritate me as much as my recent discoveries of Nazia did ! )

Eventually I finally got my catch up session with Raeesa who suggested I take a shower . I told her I’d be going home soon with my mum and she said I had hopes . Turns out my mum stayed right until supper to welcome Raeesa’s parents whenever they got back from vacation. I guess I was going to be here a while so I should shower , Raeesa even dolled me up saying I have to look better than Nazia as everyone was going to be here the entire day ! And my sporty get up was just not doing it for Raeesa , so this was extreme makeover lol .

When I got downstairs it was surprising, the table used for breakfast was not laid for lunch . Turns out the Moosa family had each meal on a different table at a different section in the house . Apparently it had something to do with the view at each place at each meal time ! I found this a tad funny , not to mention weird … Which other family did that , tho I admit the view was amazing when I actually realized the scenery at breakfast out looking the house windows . How amazing was the lunch view going to be ?

So I eventually went to join the rest of the family who was now gathering for lunch all showered , crisp clean and smelling good . ( I looked too much of a girl , Raeesa had really really girly clothes so I felt weird , but none the less I looked good ! ) Pink really did bring out my eye’s and the light shades of my hair . Oh yeah ! I looked good ..

I saw Rameez all cleaned up and crisp also . He was dressed well , then again he always dresses well ! Most days he looks like his walked out of Fashion TV and is standing right in front of me for me to look at … ( snap out of it Amaani , what’s gotten into you , you’ve seen this boy more times in soccer kits than actual clothes ! )

So when I flashed back into reality , turns out I was day dreaming so long Rameez had disappeared ! Heyy it was a big house … So I walked around trying to find myself , or trying to find anybody … When I found another kitchen , I guess lunch was being prepared there . I was about to go in to offer if I could help when I noticed the voices . It was Rameez talking to his mum , but WAIT…

Why were they talking about NAZIA and RAMEEZ !!!

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* A DMC between Rameez and Amaani
* Find out that Rameez has another talent other than being extremely good looking , good at soccer and his usual … So what is this extra talent ?
* Find out why Zayd seemed oh so familiar to Amaani
* Well Zara’s coming home so yayy , get insight on married life you R101’ers
* Find out the truth between Amaani’s parents divorce and who’s going to tell her ? …

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Relatable101- Post 42



Take a breath , Breath … It can only get better from here . Put one foot in front of the other and get through the day . More , more breathing , more happy , more anything … Because more is better than nothing .

Getting up that early was worse then anything ! … But I guess when u have a mission set to get Rameez Moosa to listen to you waking up that early is peanuts !

So I finally showered and dressed , Aadilah was still asleep so I told Alice to give her breakfast and see to her until I get back . I hope she’ll be okay , I haven’t left her side since she’s come back .

At 5:45 I was cycling in circles at the Ushaka starting point waiting for Rameez to appear . I texted Raeesa to pass time and she told me to come over as she’s bunking school and needed to give me some stuff . ( the truth was she actually just wants me to come there afterwards so I can tell everything that happened between Rameez and I lol , Raeesa’s too cute ! )
At exactly 6 am Rameez showed up and started running . ( Now that is what you call punctual and also accurate information , I love you Reese ! ) So I cycled not to far behind him thinking of how I planned to make an appearance ( should I cycle forward and say hey or what ? ) … Well this wasn’t until he suddenly turned around and I braked in surprise to the unexpected which caused me to fall off the bike ! Thankfully Rameez was quick enough to catch me before I completely fell ! ( It was soo embarrassing , I think I flashed crimson … this really wasn’t the way I chose to make my appearance … Well some things just can’t be planned ! Oh well … )

Rameez : Are you trying to get killed ? ( how do I try making up for one blunder and end up pissing him off again ? )

Me : I … ( but guess who cut me off ! )

Rameez : What in the world has gotten into you Amaani ? Is this fun for you ? Every frikken time ! Are you trying to get yourself killed ?

Now setting me straight so I was on the ground and he was facing me . The shouting carried on for another 3 minutes or so and I’m pretty sure he still didn’t have his full so he continued . But this was it for me , I couldn’t let it go on ! I was here for him to listen to me … So I opened the lid of my water bottle and splashed the water ( which was actually the entire content of the bottle ) onto his face !

Me : ( after watching the cold water make contact with him ) … Cool Down !

So we stood there ( hey I felt brave ! Its like I was Jack climbing the beanstalk and facing the beast , lol a cute beast ) … Rameez I think was still trying to process what just happened and rendered speechless ! Then the unexpected happened !

Rameez : ( laugh ) ( I can’t belive he just laughed , I expected more shouting ! Well he does have the tendency to surprise ) … You really are something you know that ?

Me : I know ( now smiling hoping its all good between us )

Rameez : Amaani … ( trying to say his meant to be mad , but he can’t be mad at me ! )

Me : Rameez … ( showing how happy I was )

Rameez : Your crazy you know that ! Which indirectly is driving me crazy !

Me : I’m sorry … ( and I went on to explaining about Aadil and his sister , however I couldn’t tell Rameez about Aadilah’s issues or her name as she would be on campus with all of us and I don’t think she would have appreciated anyone knowing , also if Rameez knew her name he would sooner or later know who I was talking about and look at her differently . So I kept it brief and tried to get him to understand my helplessness in the situation ! )

Rameez : Your that sorry hey ?

Me : Very ! ( flashing my blue set of pleading eye’s )

Rameez : And you want me to forgive you ?

Me : Well putting an end to all the shouting would be a start. ( now seeing the change in his facial expression ) .. (pause ) But yeah forgiveness will do !

Rameez : ( now smirking again , that smirk hasn’t been out in ages ) … Then race me for it !

Me : I’m sorry ! What ? ( hoping I heard wrong ! )

Rameez : I don’t do repetition doll ! ( now smiling that sheepish smile )

Me : Race you ? ( now skeptical )

Rameez : ( smiling a yess ) Aha !

Me : Your on ! ( on this was so not on , I was mortified by this and scared out of my wits )

Rameez : First one to the pier wins ! You win all is forgotten , You Loose , well guess I’m going to find some other way to make you pay ( smirk )

So trying to keep all my horrific thoughts internally and my boosting confidence externally we began to race . However I cycled and he ran …

We had just reached the pier and he was ahead , we had till the end to go and my internal thought of loosing starting attacking my external confidence . Within the next few seconds everything changed …

I WON , I couldn’t believe it , I actually won , tho I cycled so fast I thought I was going to ride off the pier into the sea .

After climbing of my bike and waiting for that looser to catch up to me ! I thought of gloating on my win but that was short lived ! It his me he let me win !

Me : ( knowing he lost on purpose ! Why did he do that ? Was it because he wanted to forgive me ? Maybe he did ! I mean this is Rameez Moosa , he tries to do things without making it look like his trying to do them ! )… You let me win ! ( in a very stern voice )

Rameez : ( almost out of breath ) Now why would I do that ? ( smiling )

Me : You know why !

Rameez : Do I ? ( smirking )

Me : ( deciding to drop it , I was happy he forgave me ! )… Well either way I won , so all is forgotten ! ( I said almost chirping out of glee )

Rameez : You still owe me !

Me : But I won ! ( saying it to reassure myself I did win )

Rameez : Amaani ! Dear !… I’m talking about the soccer match this Sunday you have to attend ! ( smile ) ( pause ) Don’t forget to come collect your uniform ! ( wink )

Me : Uniform ? ( was he really serious about making me wear a soccer shirt with his name on it ! )

Rameez : You’ll know it when you see it ( smile )

Before any more discussion on ‘my owing to him ‘ he asked if the driver’s waiting for me to which I replied yes , tho I had mentioned I had to go meet Raeesa and he offered to get me there as he was heading home . So without putting up much of a protest I gave in and we were on the way to Rameez’s house .

On pulling up in to the yard I saw Raeesa with her mum ( Aunty Farah ) as they were instructing a few of the maids and garden boys to bring the luggage into the house . Just wonderful , Rameez forget to mention the part where his parents were returning from wherever they went ! So again in my situation of not being able to run away or do much I got out the car to great Raeesa and her mum .

Raeesa : You look like you had quite the workout ! ( winking at me )

Me : Oh you have no idea ! ( saying in the most tired voice I could conjure )

Aunty Farah : Amaani honey … Its so nice to see you after so long . Do join us for breakfast …

As you can guess its no use getting into a debate with the Moosa family , they ALWAYS win , ALWAYS ! … So again without putting up much of a protest I accepted and Raeesa walked me into the house while Rameez indulged in some catch up conversation with his mother .

When I entered it was like the Moosa family reunion , a reunion of reunions ! Accompanying the beautifully set breakfast table was EmJay’s parents along with him and his brother in his mum’s hands . Not too far away was Uncle Raihaan ( Rameez’s dad who I called Uncle Ray )… He was talking to his mother , ( Rameez’s ma ) . She was a wonderful woman , she was the only grandparent Rameez and Raeesa had left . She was the one person I could never forget because she was my MeeMaa . She was also a great part of my childhood , always babysitting me , Rameez and Raeesa . We used to call her MeeMaa , although she was their Ma , she was mines too , I took her like my own . I wonder if she would recognize me after all these years ? ( MeeMaa pretty much brought me up when I was little and I remember spending a lot of time with her ! )

Thereafter to kill my beautiful moment of reminiscing ( remembering MeeMaa ) … I spotted none other than the infamous witch of Westville , accompanying her mother was Nazia ! Of course she’d be here to welcome the Moosa family home ( again where did they all go ? I should ask Raeesa ! ) .. It became clear to me that my mum would also arrive soon as she’s always here to see Aunty Farah when they come back from anywhere ! ( Oh Boy ! All these people in one place … What’s going to happen ? )

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Relatable101- Part 41



‘The short term pain of accepting the truth is much better than the long term pain of believing an illusion . ‘

Its been three days since Aadilah’s been back and she’s barely said a word let alone put a morsel of food in her mouth ( okay what I’m trying to say is she’s been eating like a bird and is not using her words ! ) . Aadil’s entrusted me with her as he was on his way back to Cape Town and despite wanting to stay longer he really had to get back . After thinking everything out I decided to call Rameez and explain as I haven’t had the chance to .

His phone rang a few and went straight to voice mail . Its wasn’t like Rameez to not answer his phone ! He always answers on my first try ! So I called again …

After 3 rings ..

Rameez : What’s wrong ?

Me : ( now confused ) What do you mean what’s wrong ? …

Rameez : You called twice !

Me : Yeah ! Because you didn’t answer the first time !

Rameez : ( a small laugh ) ( and then dead silence like he reminded himself he wasn’t supposed to laugh ) … Thought you might be getting yourself in trouble again !

Me : If I was , you’d be the first to know , now wouldn’t you ? ( seriously before telling him he’d know ! )

Rameez: I’ve got to go ….lots a work ! Bye !

And he ended to call … ( I could conclude he was still upset and wasn’t going to take my next call so I decided to go back to my room and sit with Aadilah in the hope she tells me something ! Anything at all ! She’s just been silent and I was worried …

I sat for over an hour browsing through my chemistry notes when my desire for Aadilah to speak was conjured and her first word being my name I ran towards her . ( Jeez ! I don’t even think parents get so happy on hearing their kids first words being ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ )

When I got to her she burst out crying so I tried to console her . When she settled down a bit I decided the best thing would be to get some food in to her system and a hot bath with a clean change of clothes to accompany it , and then try to find out what she’s been trough …

4 hours later …

It was painful to hear her story and although I was a person to never easily cry … This brought tears to my eye’s . The reason Aadilah could never find her father because he was running from her , he didn’t want to be found . When she finally found him and confronted him , to tell him how much she missed him and wanted to come stay with him , be apart of his life . He once again abandoned her ….. He told her that her mother wasn’t the one who made the decision to leave him but rather he compelled her to take Aadilah’s grandfathers offer to go back to Cape Town with Aadilah and Aadil and remarry so that he could get off scott free without any allegations or a family .

If it was painful for me to hear it , how painful must had it been for her to experience it ? … A father who used his own family for selfish gain and never bothered to find out thereafter about them ! … At the end of our conversation telling me everything that had happened to her from her running away to her returning she needed some rest . So I left her to sleep a while and I got back to my studying …

I couldn’t get much studying done so instead I analyzed and tried to go through once again all the bitter thoughts about Aadilah’s running away … I went to my thinking spot , a little area we had in the house where I got all my thinking done …

So I went over it all …

1) All that I’ve learned about Aadilah and her life before she came to Durban .

2) Her trusting me on the day she came home and her opening up about her difficult life made me feel if I knew more then I could have helped in some way …

3) Her running away to find her dad

4) Her confrontation with her dad where she learned the truth , that after everything he put them through he never wanted Aadilah , her mother or Aadil ! He used them as his way out and didn’t regret his actions . It made me sick to my stomach knowing a father could do that to his own child !

5 ) I realized everything Aadilah believed was tainted ! Her illusion and the idea she had planned when she meets her dad , what it was going to be like and how things would be after that … It was all shattered ! He hopes of her family were destroyed !

6 ) Ways I could help Aadilah out , this was going to be Recovery101 , I was going to nurse her back to the amazing person she is , no matter what it took !

Before I could develop any further thoughts in my Recovery plan , my phone beeped … As much as I hoped it was from Rameez , turns out it was the wrong sibling !

Raeesa : Heyy Ameee ( sounding as cheerful as ever ! )

Me : Reese … I’ve missed your pretty face ..

So the usual chit chat continued in which I asked her how Zayd took her canceling on him . She said he got over it and that he was going away with his parents on vacation for two weeks so she wouldn’t get a chance to see him anytime soon . ( this for some strange reason brought a wave of relief to me ) . After all the usual conversation and topics were covered she popped the main question …

Raeesa : Sooo … How are things with you and my brother ? I take it his still pretty pissed off hey ?

Me : Well that’s the understatement of the year … Reese ! He won’t even take my calls and I really need to speak to him ! By the way , how’d you know Rameez and I haven’t made peace ?

Raeesa : Are you kidding me ? We all can see it ! His quiet and barely home. His been keeping waaay too busy … spending most nights at soccer , or the gym or who knows where !

Me : Seriously ? ( now concerned)

Raeesa : Seriously ! Like the only time he has actually been home in these past few days was last night when the baby was sick ! You know EmJays baby bro , the little guy … Rameez is the only one who can get those kids to sleep ! Wait I even have a picture … Lemme send it to you !

So it took Raeesa a good couple of seconds to find the picture she took of Rameez and the baby to send it to me . In that time my thoughts wondered about my situation with him . I wanted to apologize to Rameez , I really did. I wanted to explain but how? …. he didn’t give me the chance to . Also he never ever gives me an answer , I need some sort of assurance that everything I believe is not just all in my head and maybe just maybe is real ! He needs to tell me something ! Anything ! What if I’m the one living in an illusion ? What if ? I had a right to get mad for not getting any answers . It was like all these mind games exploding in my head.

Before any further contemplation my phone beeped at the incoming message of Raeesa’s picture .

I opened it to find a very cute picture of Rameez trying to make a baby sleep . Aww … Who could stay mad at that !

Me : Your right ! I have to fix this ! But how? … Its not like his even talking to me ! Or taking my calls , let alone I barely see him on campus because our lecture times don’t coincide ! What do I do ? Stalk him ? Corner him ? Kidnap him ? … Starting to seem like my only options if I want him to listen to me !

Raeesa : ( laugh ) … Relax , not that extreme ! We can ambush him !

Me : I was kidding ! (laugh ) Ambush him ? Seriously ? I thought I was extreme !

Raeesa : Seriously ? I have a great idea ! See Meez runs every morning along the beach at 6 am … If you can catch him ! Problem solved ! Complements of Dr. Raeesa Moosa !

Me : Reese ( laugh ) Firstly this is not Dr.Phil , secondly you are not a doctor and lastly how in the world am I going to catch him ! As soon as he see’s me his going to run even faster !

Raeesa : Well I’m going to be one Amee Bee … And who said anything about you running , you should cycle . I mean you’d never catch him . My brothers fast . Cycling is giving u a head start !

Me : Well that’s a lot of help ?( sarcastically) Seriously ? Cycling ? Seriously ? And Amee Bee ! Where did that come from ?

Raeesa : Heyy… take it or leave it , but 6 am at the Ushaka starting place don’t forget ! Of course Bee for Barbie ( sister in law ) .. ( laugh ) Amee bee

So the usual craziness of the conversation continued until an incoming call from Zara came through. I put it through for a three way so I had a double dose of crazy from both Raeesa and Zara .During the conversation Raeesa let Zara in on all the current affairs of Durban and what’s been happening and Zara gave us a briefing on her honeymoon and promised to send us pictures . It was another hour before we all hung up and I went to fire up my laptop to pass time and go through Zara’s amazing pictures . ( I so needed a honeymoon or a trip anywhere but far from Durban ! ) Also I was glad Zara was going to be home by the weekend #eep

After a while I headed back to see how Aadilah was feeling , she was awake when I got there and so we had a DMC ( deep meaningful conversation)

After getting really in depth with our conversation she decided her next step was moving on and changing things !

Aadilah : It hurts ! It really does . But I know one thing I’ve got out of all this is closure . I want to change my life you know … Turn things around .. Give people a chance and accept things the way they are . ( I guess she was talking about excepting her step dad here ) …

She continued telling me her strategy of starting a fresh and she was so concerned about campus , she really didn’t want to repeat the year , but I assured her most of her work was covered up , just her tests she should ask and plead to the HOD to rewrite ! After much convincing Aadilah even agreed to speak to someone . A shrink … And I promised her I’d come with her and be with her for a few sessions .

Aadilah : I don’t get it Amaani , you’ve been doing so much for me . Aadil even told me that you wanted to come all the way to Jozi to come looking for me … why did you want to do that ?

Me : Er … ( how do I answer her ) .. I was scared I guess . We were freinds once Aadilah , I made new friends and well I lost my friendship with you . This time I wanted to make up for it , I thought if I was there all those years maybe just maybe I could have stopped you … From .. ( I couldn’t say the word , why couldn’t I say ‘running away’ , I guess the thought scared me of loosing her again and going through all that worry to know if she’s okay ? )

Aadilah : Its okayy … You can say it …

Me : ( trying to not divulge further in this conversation ) .. Its late , we should get some sleep .. ( smile )

Aadilah : You have a good heart you know that ! Your a great friend Amaani ( Jeez , if only Rameez saw it that way ! )

She gave me a tight hug and went to bed … I went to draw the curtains , dim the light and keep my cycling shoes out as tomorrow I was going to make everything right again !

So with the thought of waking up early and setting things right again with Rameez I fell of to sleep….

R & Kiddo

R & Kiddo

Zara And Moe

Zara And Moe

Zara & Moe

Zara & Moe



New York

New York

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Relatable101- Part 40

Me : ( what ? How ? Rameez ? Huh ? … How did he know , how did he find out ? …. RAEESA !!! ) Wait ? Huh ? ( now looking at Raeesa ) Raeesa !! You called him ??

Raeesa : Noo … he wouldn’t take my call ( so how did he come to know ? ) … Er .. I paged him.

Me : You paged him !

Rameez : She paged me !

Me : Rameez let go !! ( trying to get his hand away and loosen his grip ) I’m going to miss my flight !

Rameez : ( holding it tighter ) ( clearly still angry ) You still think your going ?

Me : Rameez your hurting me , I have to go …LET GO

Rameez : Are you out of your frikken mind Amaani ? Damn , what is wrong with you ? How the hell can you board a flight with him ?

Aadil : Yo Rameez … Chill ! … She’s just …

Rameez : ( now looking at Aadil ) Aadil … ( saying it like he was grinding his teeth , the hate and tension at that moment was third degree ! ) … Keep your mouth shut if you know its good for you

Me : Rameez ! ( what’s gotten into him ! )

Before I knew it Rameez dragged me away from the terminal to avoid the crowd and hold up . Once he stopped where there was less of a crowd he started to unleash all that anger he was holding inside from my recent escapade and I didn’t hear the end of it .

I was determined to go and he was determined to stop me so in the midst of the arguing Aadil interrupted

Aadil : ( screaming ) Both of you’ll ! … No one needs to go anywhere . ( pause ) … Rameez can I have Amaani for two minutes ? ( he clearly wanted to tell me something ! )

Rameez : ( now standing in front of me as to shield me ) … Stay the HELL away from her !

Aadil : But …

Rameez : I’m not asking you ! I’m warning you !

Before I knew it I was being dragged in to Rameez’s cayenne and was taken home . I hated not having a say or not being able to do anything about my situation . Its like I couldn’t tell Rameez anything because he was blinded by all this anger . Why won’t he give me a chance to explain ? Why does he always do this ? There’s so many sides to him ! ( I wonder if Aadil’s going to be okay with Aadilah ! )

Raeesa had gone home with the driver so the emanating silence between me and Rameez was painful . He drove really fast the entire way so it didn’t take long to reach home ! The last time he clocked the speedometer we were having fun , this time I felt as if he wanted to kill me ! … On reaching my house I jumped out his car because all I wanted to do was get home ! I’m not sure if I even waited for the car to come to a standstill before I sprung out of it . I just couldn’t take it anymore ! Why was he so dominating ? Why did he have to always get his way ? Why can’t he ever just trust me and believe me ? Why is he like this ?

I thought my stunt of jumping out the car as fast as I could to reach home would be the end of it but I was wrong !

Rameez followed behind me and before I could reach the door to enter he grabbed me to hold me back and gripped my both arms asking me ‘ What’s wrong with me ? ‘ ( his eye’s were blazing with anger and I was actually really scared at this point )

Me : Let me go Rameez !

Rameez : You are driving me insane Amaani !

Me : Your hurting me Rameez , let me goo ! Your scaring me !

Rameez : What’s wrong with you ? Its like I have to constantly watch over you , one minute your speaking to strangers ( see I you he remembers the Gateway Zayd incident ) then your about to frikken board a damn plane with a another one !

Me : Rameez ! Let gooo. ( trying to push him away ) …. ( after a while of struggling I couldn’t take it anymore ) Why can’t you trust me ? Why can’t you ever think I do things for a reason ! Huh ? Why do you think the worst , Rameez ? And Aadils not a stranger!

Rameez : I don’t care Amaani ! Its like you have a two second rebound rate where your fine ! Everythings great !… and then your doing the next pain in the a** thing forcing me to react this way ! And it is driving me crazy ! Do you like doing this me ? Because I’m telling you now , I hate that guy ! I keep telling you he likes you ! But you don’t ever listen !

Me : Why won’t you listen to me ? Why won’t you care about why I do things instead of getting so mad Rameeez ? ( and then he cut me off )

Rameez : Because look what you were about to do ! This isn’t you Amaani ! If I hadn’t got there in time , you would have went with him !

Me : But Rameez , you don’t understand ! Aadil…. His sister , and …she needed me .. ( my words were scrambling as I was trying to tell Rameez the reason my judgment was clouded and why I needed to be there ! )

Rameez : ( cutting me off before I could explain further ) I don’t give a damn ! That’s his own frikken problem ! if you can help it stay the hell at home . I can’t keep up with this Amaani ! One day I won’t make it in time ! I don’t want to hear why you did what you did because ( now screaming ) IT DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE WITH HIM ! … He was going to take you away !

Me : Rameez why don’t you trust me , I wouldn’t have went if it wasn’t urgent . I’ve never done anything to give you reason to not trust me . So why don’t you ? And you keep saying you don’t care ! But you cared enough to come after me ? So tell me ! Tell me Rameez … The punching Aadil on campus , the guy at gateway , today at the airport ! What is all of it ? Tell me ?

And he let go of his grip on me completely . He was first evidently pissed off beyond repair running his hands through his hair trying to calm himself down ( its the worst I’ve ever seen of him )…. He than was quiet for a long time ( waay tooo long ) . Just standing there in silence staring blankly at me , like he didn’t have an answer . I attempted to say something …

Me : Rameez … ( in a very low tone voice )

He sighed and then with taking a last look at me with no words coming out of his mouth he walked away ! He just got back into his cayenne and drove of !

I was shattered ! He couldn’t give me an answer ! He couldn’t tell me why he cared so much but didn’t trust me ? He couldn’t give me anything at all ! So I stood there trying to acknowledge what happened but to avail ! A tear escaped but I brushed it of as I decided I wasn’t going to cry . I walked into the house but no one was home .

It felt like this was my reality ! When did I end up all alone and empty ? When did it get so messed up ? When did me and Rameez start having fun and now in such a bad place ? I tried to focus on finding out about Aadilah when decided to check my phone and read a few text messages from Aadil saying he didn’t have to board the plane as he found out Aadilah bought a ticket back to Durban and was on her way back ! She was going to be landing later so he was waiting for her to reach . He decided to stay at the airport and asked me what he should do next ?

I told him to bring her to my place as soon as she landed and she could stay here for a few days . After he agreed and we had a mutual thought that her being alone wouldn’t be good idea so the company and atmosphere will be better for her staying with me. I went with the driver to buy some stuff for her for the next few days which I thought would get my mind off things .

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I ended up in this situation with Rameez and all we’ve been through . I watched the clock as the hours went by waiting for Aadilah to come and thinking about Rameez … What was going to happen to all of us ?

xoxo A

xoxo A

WOW ( words of wisdom)

WOW ( words of wisdom)

Relatable101- Part 39



“Handsome is the brother who lowers his gaze, and most beautiful is the sister that guards her modesty.” ( this was found retweeted by a R101’er , found it apt considering our sibling Aadil and Aadilah predicament )

Its been a week of sleepless nights since Aadil’s confession about Aadilah . Campus just wasn’t the same without her and the worst part was that I couldn’t do anything becaue I didn’t know anything ! My only option was to make du’a and hope she would return home and wherever she was she was safe . Rameez was busy the entire week helping out managing the hospital work for his dad so I didn’t get to speak to him much . At least for once in his life he wasn’t falling of the grid and actually had a reason to go missing for a bit .

I’ve been keeping contact with Aadil who’s been trying so hard to find his sister , he too was getting more difficult by the days to contact and I didn’t get much out of him . During the week I made plans to meet up with Raeesa so as it was Saturday morning I quickly dressed warmly since Durban was turning into Iceland and I decided to head over there .

On reaching Raeesa’s room she was all ready and dolled up to go out . She looked nice but that wasn’t Raeesa ! She wore a too fitted dress that was cap sleeves with stockings that were almost see through and her make up was too much , it hid her natural prettiness ! Raeesa was never one for provocative clothing , bright red lipstick and messy hair ! So what was going on with her ?

Me : ( opened mouthed and shocked ) What are you wearing ?

Raeesa : Ameee , I’m so glad to see you , I’m so so sorry … I completely forgot we made plans . Remember last week I told you about Zayd ?

Me : Aha

Raeesa : He wants to meet up with me today because we couldn’t last week and Rameez has been soo busy and held up with my dads work at the hospital he won’t even find out ! So its the perfect chance .

Me : Tho if he see’s you dressed like that his going to have a coronary ! ( now seriously wanting to find out why Raeesa’s dressed like that , I mean she’s so conscious normally to dress presentable and not wear so much make up , because she is pretty ! She doesn’t need it , so what’s this change all about ? ) Raeesa why are you going to meet Zayd dressed like that ?

Raeesa : I know I know , you must be thinking this is not me , but I can’t be a Plain Jane anymore Amee !

Me : Where is this coming from ? ( I was very concerned for her )

Raeesa : Well Zayd kind of said that I’m beautiful but I’d look better if I dressed up and stuff . You know … everyone can be beautiful but not everyone can be hot ! So I dressed up for him !

Me : ( what has that boy done to innocent Raeesa ! This isn’t her , she’s sweet and loving and didn’t take the worlds opinions ! I could put my life on it that Raeesa didn’t judge or differentiate on people with their looks whether they are beautiful or not , or in this case beautiful or ‘hot’ ) Reese ! This isn’t you , take a look in the mirror . Do you recognize yourself ?

Raeesa : But he likes it , he even told me he loves me . Its the least I could do for him Amaani . I mean he actually loves me ! He said it !

Me : ( okay no one falls in love with someone like that , that too so quickly . I mean they have never met and there’s more to this guy ! I could see he was leading her on and changing her so no! He was not in love , and this would break Raeesa’s heart ! So I couldn’t tell her ! ) But Ray …

Raeesa : Amee , I have to go , take care ! Love you … ( now rushing out )

Me : No , Raeesa ! You are not leaving the house like that !

Raeesa : Amaani let me go ! His ganna be waiting for me …

Me : ( now grabbing her hand , the move I learned from her brother and holding her back ) Sit down Raeesa , I mean it sit down . You can’t go out looking like a you know what !

So after a 10 minute argument and debate Raeesa finally sat down . So the tension in the air calmed down and I began to speak to her .

Me : (taking some tissue wipes and make up remover now removing that death by red lipstick and the rest of Bobbi Brown from her face ) You don’t have to do this for him you know … ( putting this advice in while I wiped her face )

Raeesa : But he loves me Ems ( saying with a pleading voice )

Me : If he truly loves you , he wouldn’t want to change you !

Raeesa : Huh ? ( I don’t think she got what I was trying to say ! )

Me : He should love you for who you are and not who he wants you to be , if he wants to change you , that’s not love … That’s compromise . And in love there’s no compromise .

Raeesa : ( as her face was now make up free ) … ( there was even a tear in her eye ) ( she sprung up to hug me really tightly ) I’m sorry … Your right … ( and a few more tears followed )

Me : Heyy , no crying … C’mon let’s get you ready and bring my Reese back .

It took us another half an hour to get something Raeesa would wear that was her and she looked amazing . We were about to leave when I got a call from Aadil telling me his leaving Durban , I ushered him to tell me the entire story but he remained vague and said there wasn’t much time to give me the full story . I asked him were he was and he said the airport sorting out his travel details so I told him I’d meet him there and he could tell me everything .

After I got of the phone with Aadil

Raeesa : Is everything okay ?

Me : Yeah …. Well not really ? ( I couldn’t help it! …. this situation about Aadilah has been driving me crazy for a week ! )

Raeesa : What’s wrong ?

Me : ( I had to leave , Aadil didn’t have much time ! ) I have to get to the airport , I’ll see you… have a great first meeting …

Raeesa : The airport ? Why ? Amaani wait I’m coming with you !

So the debating started again and Raeesa was too concerned for me to let me go alone so she insisted on coming with !

She texted Zayd to reschedule their meeting plans from which I could sense from her he wasn’t too happy with.

Finally I reached the airport to rush in and find Aadil near the check in terminal . So I rushed over gave a brief intro to who Raeesa was and assured him she didn’t know anything and he thereafter continued to tell me what he discovered .

Aadil :…. I was right , she did go looking for my dad . I’ve got someone to track the credit card she’s been using to pay for everything that’s how I found out she’s in Jo’burg . So I’m flying there to bring her back . I have to bring her back before tonight before my parents find out everything . If I can clear all this up and get her home safely without them knowing it would be better for her . I have no idea what they’ll do to her if the find out about her latest stunt but it won’t be pretty !

He continued to plead Aadilahs case to me as he had not so much time before the flight . He also let me in on what’s been happening with her in Cape Town and all the stunts she’s pulled before from which I could conclude Aadilah has had one extremely hard life !

Me : ( without further thinking ) I’m coming with you ?

Aadil : What ? You can’t ! I have to do this by myself Amaani ?

Me : I have to come with Aadil . I’ve been waiting around to long to abandon her now . I should have been with her through all this . We were friends back then , really good friends . I should’ve been there ! Now that I have her back I’m not going to abandon her again ! This time I’m going to be there ! Because this time I’m coming with you to drag her home ! This time I can do something!

He eventually agreed after I guilt tripped him and showed him how badly I needed to be there for Aadilah , my mother even told me I should be there for her . If only there was more I could have done for her !

I went over to Raeesa who was sitting patiently not too far away to tell her I was going to Jo’burg with Aadil to which she didn’t have a positive reaction to .

Raeesa : Are you out of your mind ? You can’t go with him ? How well do you even know him Amaani ? And why are you going with !

Me : Raeesa I know him well enough and its complicated , I can’t exactly tell you everything right now , but I have to go . I’ll be back tonight ! So I’ll only be gone for a few hours !

Raeesa : Being back in a few hours doesn’t make it okay Amaani , you cannot board a flight with a stranger ! Are you listening to yourself ? What if something happens ?

Me : Ray , I don’t have much time , I’ll discuss this with you when I get back ! My dad lives there , if I have any problems , I’ll contact him !

She did not want to let it go , so eventually I had to force her to hold everything in until I get back and thereafter proceeded to sort out my ticket and travel details . This took another half an hour , Thankfully there was a seat so after I booked it there wasn’t much time and me and Aadil had to get a move on or we were going to miss the flight .

Just before going in Raeesa came up to me to try and stop me again .

Raeesa : Amaani , please listen to me , I can’t let you go like this . Be reasonable , you cannot board a flight with ( now death staring Aadil ) ..him !

Me : Raeesa , go home with the driver safely , I’ll be back by tonight !

She kept pleading and trying to stop me until we heard last call for our flight , so I turned around to go because their was no reaching an agreement with Raeesa ! Clearly following her family trait of grabbing wrists , there was now a hand on my wrist stopping me from going !

Me : Raeesa lemme go ( now turning around )

Rameez : ( with all the anger in the world ) No frikken way in hell !





xoxo A

Relatable101- Part 38

The Bracelet

The Bracelet

So Raeesa was planning on meeting this guy Zayd and I had to make a break for her ! What was I going to do , I couldn’t dishearten her and tell her no because we all were there at one stage in our lives . The fear of Rameez finding out was greater then anything and I knew if he did it would be the end of everything ! … But this was Raeesa!… I was stuck , but I had till 4 o ‘ clock to process all this . The shopping spree was uneasy , all the time I couldn’t stop thinking about whether I should make a break for Raeesa and if I did and if Rameez found out how would he react ? ( oh would the earth just open and swallow me up! )

For the first time in my life I couldn’t shop , the thought of looking and trying on every item I saw made me sick . It wasn’t until quarter to 4 that the real sickness kicked in . Raeesa was getting jumpy and elated ! She had butterflies , experiencing mixed emotions of being scared with a pinch of excitement that was at an all time high . I felt I couldn’t snatch this away from her … So I decided I’d go with her but at the same time I’d do the mature thing and give her a brief warning before I did .

Me : Raeesa …

Raeesa : Yeah ?

Me : Listen Reese ,I love you … And I know you really like this guy and his very sweet , don’t get me wrong here , I don’t want to discourage or encourage you … But are you sure ?

Raeesa : Oh ( she started sounding down ) … You don’t think I should meet him .. ( saying with a dejected voice ) … I’m not sure Ems , I’m scared about it too . I really do want to meet Zayd ! But I’m terrified …

Me : ( and I thought I was the one that needed to be put out of my misery ! ) … Heyy , get a smile on that face ! I don’t wanna scare you … ( I figured if I’m with her not much could go wrong … Right ? ). I just want to make sure , your okayy ? You know … Your like my lil sister … ( smile ) … Let’s go meet this infamous Zayd you’ve unconditionally been talking about … ( I hope I was making the right decision ! )

So we walked to the place Zayd told Raeesa to meet him . ( Okay so this boy was not punctual , but that turned out to be a good thing ! ) At 4:07 Raeesa joyfully said there he is ! He was a young looking boy dressed very casually , a bit too casual for Gateway ! He had just got onto the escalator and now heading down towards us …

Me : How old did u say he was again ?

Raeesa : ( smile ) 20

Me : Seriously ? ( he looked 15 ! , okay I’m exaggerating , but he really didn’t look 20 )

Raeesa : Oh Amee shhh ( laugh )… Here he comes !

So as this Zayd Ismail was about to climb of the last step of the escalator onto the platform…. behind him was the storm I was praying wouldn’t appear !

Rameez climbing onto the top of the escalator with EmJay!!!

Me : Raeesa !!! RAMEEZ!!!

Raeesa : Oh no , now what , Amaani his coming straight here ! ( she was referring to Zayd walking towards us) ( she had a very scared panicky voice which I could see from that Raeesa has never done something like this before ! )

Me : Stay here !

So I walked towards this stranger Zayd ..

Me : Zayd , Oh my Word long time no see … ( and after guiding him in the opposite direction from Raeesa ) .. RUN ! GET LOST ! Raeesa’s brothers behind you ! ( I said in a very panicky voice myself ! )

He made a run for it , but Rameez being ever so observant noticed everything on his way down . He made his way towards me after he got of the escalator , thankfully Raeesa reached me at the same time !

Raeesa : That was a short movie ! Howcome your out so early ? ( now saying in a very anxious voice ! ) ( which made me feel like saying , Raeesa ! Calm it ! This is Rameez , he’ll figure you out in no time ! )

Rameez : EmJay’s hungry , so he was troubling ! … ( now turning to me , yupp I was in for it ! ) Who was that guy ?

Me : Which guy ? ( trying to think of an excuse and buying time ! )

Rameez : Amaani ! ( now with a very stern voice ! )

Me : Oh , campus friend ! ( trying to brush this situation away as fast as I could with my casual tone )

Rameez : What’s his name ?

Me : Er.. Zayd …

Rameez : That’s funny , I haven’t seen or heard of him around on campus !

Me : Rameez , there’s a million people that go to our campus ! I doubt you’d know them all !

Rameez : What’s his full name ?

And EmJay started crying because he was really crabby and hungry . ( I love that kid , he just saved us ! )

So Rameez tried to pacify him and walked off with me and Raeesa following behind him .

Me : Close one !

Raeesa : Zayd ? Seriously ? Rameez will remember Amaani ! He has a photographic memory ! ( Are you kidding me ? He has what ? … And c’mon why did he deserve one , that explains it … that’s how he got into med school ! Ah … The mystery of the universe is solved ! )

Me : Your not helping !

So we went to Adega’s to get a quick bite where you can guess Rameez paid the bill . It was cute , EmJay kept trying to feed Rameez . After the meal I really thought we would go home but Rameez was kind enough to encourage us to continue our shopping and this time he joined us . ( I was so relived that the Zayd stress was over for now and Rameez seemed to have forgotten about it because he didn’t bring it up again . ( Well in recent events and discoveries of his photographic memory , its highly unlikely , but oh well one can only hope he did ! )

If you thought shopping with Rameez Moosa was going to be fun ! Think again ! He literally has a problem with everything me and Raeesa chose !

Me : How’s this one ? ( holding up a pin stripped black and white jersey that I found absolutely stunning )

Raeesa : Love it

EmJay : Wuv it ! ( his too cute the way he imitates us at odd moments )#aww

Rameez : You’d look like a prisoner if you wore that ! ( could he be more critical , oh wait for it ! He could ! )

Now holding up the next piece of clothing ( a orange jump suit with gold sequined collar and crystal working on it )

Rameez : That just screams convict , (pause ) on trial for murder or something !

Me : Yeah , well maybe I’m planning a trip to Jail Rameez Moosa

Rameez : ( smirk ) Under what possible charge Amaani Merchant ?

Me : Murder ! ( smile ) ( pause ) … Yours !

After ignoring the rest of his side comments I picked up a really pretty dress which I showed to Raeesa , but I guess Rameez just couldn’t help himself and once again …

Rameez : The neck lines too low !

Me : ( I’m sticking to my Vogue tips ! ) Well I like it !

Rameez : Fine , Be my guest if you wanna walk around being the town advert! Guess guys out there would really wanna lower their gaze ! ( pointing from my face to below ! )

Seriously ? I mean seriously ?… After saying that who would want to buy the dress or yet anything . Once again I bought nothing ! NADA … The shopping continues for another hour or so and finally we were on our way home . It was a waste because I still bought nothing with Rameez’s incessant comments .

Turns out Rameez had soccer tonight , so he was going to drop Raeesa home with EmJay , collect his soccer bag and thereafter drop me home . I so wasn’t looking foward to a pleasnt trip home .

After dropping Raeesa off and doing whatever needed to be done we drove home . The drive was quiet , well until we reached my house .

Rameez : You didn’t say much on the ride home or coming to think of it buy much ? (smirk ) ( if he looked clearly ,he would have seen I bought nothing but a coffee cup which I disposed of ! )

Me : Really ? I didn’t even notice ! ( being as sarcastic as hell )

Rameez : Don’t get mad … ( giving that sheepish boyish look that I couldn’t stand at this point , stop doing that to me ! )

Me : Oh I’m not mad ! I’m just as rich as I was this morning ! Why would I ever get mad ? ( now attempting to get off the car )

Rameez : Wait !

Me : No !

Now doing what his so good at and clutching my wrist so I wouldn’t leave !

Me : Let me go Rameez ! ( now turning around to release my wrist only to find something pretty and silver on it ! )

He bought me a bracelet and got it on my wrist without me actually noticing #smooth …

Me : ( breaking out of my speechless envisage ) Is that ?

Rameez : For you ? Yeah ! ( smile )

Me : ( oh that was so not my question ! ) Is that the Tacori Official 2013 limited edition 2.6 silver heart bracelet inspired by Lana Del Rey ? ( okay I’m a huge fashion fan! I literally know everything from jewelry, shoes to the earths end ! )

Rameez : That is a lot of words ! ( trying to process what I said ) … ( laugh )

Me : Its stunning !

Rameez : It only complements whats already there !

Me : Are you trying to say I’m pretty without actually saying it ? ( being snarky )

Rameez : Are you trying to keep me here longer without me knowing your trying to ?

Me : Oh Go for soccer !

Rameez : Your keeping me ! ( smirk )

Me : Goodnight Rameez ! ( now getting of the car , lol I really can’t believe this guy ! )

Rameez : Pleasant dreams Amaani ( and he was gone … )

On entering and reaching the living room I was yet to find Aadil , waiting . ( oh I completely forgot ! ) ( this day just had no break ! )

Me : I’m sooo sorry , shopping ran a little late ! How long have you been waiting ?

Aadil : Only an hour Amee dearest , by the way No shopping bags ?

Me : Trust me you don’t wanna know , I’m so sorry ….( I felt terrible he had to wait that long ! ) How’d you get in by the way ?

Aadil : Your gran , she wasn’t very keen but she was really nice after I mentioned how important it was !

Me : She ‘s overprotective ! ( laugh ) Would you like something to drink ?

Aadil : No thanks , you gran actually had tea with me ! ( smile )

Me : She what ? … ( since when did Nani take a liking to Aadil ? )

Aadil : Anyways Amaani what I wanted to talk about …

Me : Yeah , sure… Sorry about the hold up … Take a seat

Aadil : ( after seating himself and me sitting in my usual place in the living room ) … So I’m not sure how to say this but I guess I should start from the beginning … So I’m guessing since the entire town knew about it , you know about the mess my biological dad created in out lives a few years ago .

Me : Yeah , I guess so , Aadilah kinda told me all about that …

Aadil : She did , You two were pretty close I take it ?

Me : We were reconciling …

Aadil : Okay so after it all happened my dad got caught and things went really messed up for all of us . My mum did everything she could to get the charges dropped temporarily until we could go away and so then we moved around to start afresh which wasn’t possible ..

Me : ( okay so I guess nothing is as easy as it sound … ) … So what did your’ll do ?

Aadil : After a while it seemed my dad wasn’t going to drop his ways , I mean me and Aadilah were in between schools , no body wanted to make friends with us … Life got really hard . So my grandfather ( my Nana) stepped in and wanted to help his . He was going to clear everything up for us… including…. Well … My grandfather was going to clear my fathers debts and all the allegations were going to be dropped , my dad was going to be a free man . But it was under a condition … under the condition my mum leaves my dad , we move to Cape Town and she re marries . At first this all seemed too much but overtime my mum saw it as her only option and did just that . That’s how we well ended up in Cape Town and basically. Lost my dad and got the new one . His not bad you know … My new dad . I don’t know what Aadilah’s said about him , but he really is a wonderful man to take us all in , he even treats my mother better then my father would have ever treated her !

Me : Aadil , Aadilahs never told me or spoken about your new dad . Ever !

Aadil: Well she never really took a liking to him . She hated him . When we finally got our fresh start and everything became better with our new family and home , Aadilah didn’t look at it that way . She rebelled ! … She would skip school , do everything my parents hated and she was rude to our new father ! You know Amaani no one would ever want to know or to call their sister a s**t but as much as I hate to say it , my sister became that . She would do everything she could to invoke my dad to disown her , but he was too good to us . Aadilah felt he was taking our biological fathers place but in reality she didn’t see that our dad was the one that messed up ! This new father we had was the one cleaning that mess and actually looking out for us . So we were at a stage were we just couldn’t help her anymore . In her matric year things started to cool down , but we never knew the cause … None of us ever expected a future out of Aadilah but that’s when she changed …she got accepted here in Durban to study Pharmacy . At first of course we weren’t ready to send her seeing that she’s back on track but if we stop her she’ll fall back off… but eventually we agreed seeing it might me a start for her to change her life and a new atmosphere will be better for her so we let her come here .

Me : Wait Aadil hold on a minute , this is a lot to take in … But what I don’t get is why are you telling me this ? I mean I would do anything to help Aadilah , but I don’t get why your telling me this ? Like how do I relate to it ?

Aadil : its because I need your help ! … You see I found out after observing Aadilahs behavior changes and her applying here that she was going back to were it all started . Here ! In Durban ! She’s trying to track our father. , I don’t know why Tho and I did speak to her to warn her and tell her she better not be doing what I think she’s up too or I will tell my parents to bring her back home to Cape Town ! That’s why she’s been upset with me. At first I didn’t think it was serious , but when I went to find out more as to why she’s not been replying to my texts , answering my calls or letting me in her apartment I found out she hasn’t been there for a while . All the money we’ve sent her for her rent , food , tuition … None of those things have been paid so she’s used the money for something else entirely . And I know she’s using it to track down my dad … So I’m here to ask you if you know where she is , because I know you’ve gotten close to here in the while she’s been here . So do you have the slightest clue or info as to where she might be , if she told you she’s going anywhere ? Anything would help me at this point Amaani ! If you know anything , lemme know ? She needs help , if your hiding anything for her , you need to tell me !

Me : Wait ? What ? She’s not at her apartment ? She’s not around ? Aadil ? What ?

Aadil : She’s used the money to get out of here and find him ! I had to settle all her accounts which was a large sum so she’s definitely up to something big and drastic ! I tried tracking her phone which was pawned to a broker for some money so I can’t trace her ! She’s definitely not in town but I’m guessing you really don’t have a clue do you ?

Me : ( my world was spinning faster then anything , what is happening , so much has happened with Aadilah ! ) Not a clue ! … So ..Your telling me she’s missing ?

Aadil : No Amaani , she’s gone missing before … This time … Its different … This time ( pause ) She’s run away !

xoxo A

Relatable101- Part 37

Whats a Wordrobe Crises Without A Show Crisis ?

Whats a Wordrobe Crises Without A Show Crisis ?

It was around 9 ‘o clock when we were all eventually ready to leave , or so that’s what I thought . Rameez had to get dressed, run a few errands for his dad at the hospital so we were going to need to make a stop there and he thereafter had tell EmJay’s nanny to give the kid breakfast and change him . Thereafter finally after taking another hour or so Raeesa settled on a shoe to match her outfit . ( These Moosa’s and their time consuming activities , I should have woken up later ! ) So finally ( FINALLY ) we were ready to leave and we did .

EmJay sat in the front seat as Rameez strapped him , a bit to tightly I think ( he really had a special bond with the kid , I know it was for the kids safety but he was buckled too tightly to the seat ! )

Me : Rameez that’s too tight , its going to hurt him .

Rameez : Its fine ! ( smile) Your okay ? Right EmJay ?

I guess you can conclude its pointless arguing with Rameez so I left it . It wasn’t until Rameez jumped onto the drivers seat of his Porsche when he realized the child’s misery . So conveniently without actually admitting I’m right , he unbuckled EmJay and made him sit on his lap while Rameez drove ! ( that’s not very safe ! )

It was something to see , EmJay on Rameez’s lap with his constant touching the steering wheel but Rameez just being so patient and smiling at the kid . See there is good in him and I didn’t even know he was so good with children , he really loved kids ! After a while it really did get dangerous when EmJay wanted to stand up so Rameez had to pull over and try and get him to stay still .

Raeesa : ( who was clearly annoyed still ) Rameez , put him on the seat , he can sit on his own !

Me : ( trying not to but in… but that was dangerous ) … He might get hurt Rameez if you drive with him … ( pause ) … Or you .. ( concerned for Rameez’s safety too )

Rameez : He won’t sit on his own ! ( here goes the debate again ! )

Raeesa : Amaani can sit with him ! ( clever move Reese , lol she actually wanted me to sit in front and used the baby to do it ! ) Won’t you Ems ?

Me : ( a bit taken back ) Yeah … Sure ..

So I got of the car to walk to the passenger seat while Rameez was telling me to be careful because we weren’t parked in a very ideal place . When I got to the front Rameez’s exact words were ‘ his not going to come by you ‘ .. More like he was challenging me . Kids love me and for some reason I had a strong feeling EmJay would too and I was right !

Now holding EmJay while Rameez drove : ( woah I never expected this scene so early in my life ! Ramee , the kid and I #kodakmoment )

Raeesa : No ways ! He actually came by you ? He doesn’t let anyone but Rameez carry him ! He must really like you !

Me : ( now trying to be snarky and use Rameez’s words ) What can I say ? All the Moosa boys do ! Don’t they Emjay ? ( and I flashed a quick smirk at Rameez who returned it )

The drive to the hospital was short , I didn’t even realize it because I was too busy playing with Emjay and watching Rameez every 5 to 8 seconds look at us .( That boy applies his K-53. check review and side mirror rule while driving to us ! )When we reached the hospital and Rameez got of , EmJay started acting up and saying ‘Meez’ so I decided to take him in .

I managed to catch up to Rameez who thereafter took M.J and carried on , when I turned around I was yet to find Aadil .

Aadil : Easy there , you caught up to him already ! ( clearly he caught onto my fast paste which I used to catch up to Rameez and was now trying to do the same thing back to the car) Cute kid ? Yours ? ( laugh )

Me : Why of course ! ( sarcastically ) Adorable isn’t he ! Just like his mother !

Aadil : Looks a lot more like his father ! Lemme guess ? Rameez ? (smile)

Me : AADIL ( laugh ) Its Rameez’s cousin his down for the week ! ( remembering Raeesa told me that EmJay’s parents are away on a business trip and left EmJay and the smaller brother with them ! ) Anyways what are you doing here ? ( trying to get in all in one breath )

Aadil : I came to sign up for my comm service for December , they say F-Medic have the best facilities … ( he went on to explain what a pain community service is for us med/pharm students and that he’ll be here next year as his studying second year medicine in Durban (his going to transfer , oh no Rameez is not going to like let alone approve of this ! )… so Aadil decided he’ll move to Durban from before December to get his life here sorted out and get his community service done both at the same time . )

Before I knew it we were discussing the details of the community service because I also needed to sign up for mine’s and hey why not F-Medic . It consisted of so many hours we had to complete which I wouldn’t be able to because I had great parents who bestowed me with a very much deserved December holiday trip every year ! So I decided I’d complete half the time in December and the rest in my next year June/July holidays . Therefore before I knew it I was signing up to work at the clinic here at F-Medic and Aadil in the hospital , signing forms and discussing it .

After getting done with that I noticed the mark along his cheek bone ..

Me : Neat Scar , he really did a good job hey !

Aadil : I told you he was good , pretty sick neh ! ( and I’ve been wondering where’s that Cape Town accent all along !)

Me : By the way ! What are you studying medicine through correspondence or something , don’t your’ll have lectures on back in UCT ?

Aadil : ( laugh ) I dooo ! Which reminds me I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something , its very important !

Me : Sure ! What is it ?

Aadil : Not here ! Its really important… Its about Aadilah … Is there anyway ..

Me : ( before he could continue I could see this was no longer a guy with humor but a very concerned brother ! ) You can come home later , we’ll talk there … I’ll text you a time and details and Aadil… ( pause ).. its ganna be okay ! ( he looked like someone who needed to be told that , but I was truly concerned for Aadilah , anything he wanted to tell be about her at this stage seemes direly important ! ) Come around and we’ll talk !

Without further due Rameez found it acceptable to intervene in our conversation …

Rameez : Talk about what ? ( how much did he hear ? )

Aadil slowly nodding a No from his end , I could see whatever he wanted to talk to me about was confidential and he wouldn’t like Rameez to know…

Me : Oh .. Just about the scar on Aadil’s cheekbone and the Retard who gave it to him ! ( heyy , I wasn’t lieing ! We did actually did talk about that during this conversation ! )

Rameez : ( now ignoring my remark ! ) How’s it healing ? ( looking at Aadil )

Aadil : Hey , no pain no gain bro ! I’m good .. ( laugh )

Rameez : Amaani take Emjay to the car I’m just going to a follow up on Aadil … ( so nice of him to re check the same wound he opened up and closed #ironic , hopefully its just a follow up and Rameez doesn’t go well… All Rameez101 on Aadil ! )

I couldn’t put up any fight to stay there , Rameez intimidated me too much so I took EmJay who almost refused to come with but with some bribing on my end agreed to come with me to the car and leave Rameez .

When I got to the car Raeesa had actually fallen asleep and awoke with the sound of the closing car door , she was really tired I could see , thereafter Rameez appeared a while after and we left for Gateway . I was too scared to ask him how the ‘follow-up ‘ went so I let it go , maybe I’ll ask Aadil later who I texted my home address along with a time to .

We eventually reached Gateway at half 1 , so Rameez had no time to spend with us as he was taking EmJay for a movie that started at 2 . So he rushed of for the movie after giving Raeesa his card so she can shop all she wants . I guess he was trying to make it up to her buy cashing in her freedom . Literally , he wouldn’t let her go alone ( her freedom ) so he gave her his card ( unlimited money for shopping ! Well the banks limit on the card but you get it! ) for shopping .

We decided to do a coffee run as I could see Raeesa desperately needed caffeine in her system . So at Gloria Jean’s while waiting for our order I started to wonder why in the world was Raeesa so tired , like she would yawn every 2 mins and was almost falling asleep .

I checked my phone to see her last seen on whatsapp and find out what time was she up until .

*Raeesa Moosa Last Seen 3:41 am

Why was she up that late ? Before putting my phone away there was another 2 messages

Aadil : Shot , I’ll be there .

And …

Rameez : Be safe !
Rameez : Btw EmJay misses you ;)

I’m sure he does , but I think its Rameez that’s the one who misses me lol …

So I put my phone away without replying and started my inquisition with Raeesa .

Me : Someone was up late last night . ( smirk )

Raeesa : oh , yeah … I just couldn’t get sleep ( protesting ).. Something just kept me up …

Me : Something or someone ? ( now with a smug smile on my face )

Raeesa : ( I could see Raeesa froze a bit which gave a little stutter before she spoke ) .. Well , I’ve been meaning to tell you … Amee stop smiling at me ! ( now she started smiling ) Its not like that !

Me : ( smiling ) So what’s it like ?

Raeesa : ( now smiling and giving it all up to me ) .. Okay so I’ve actually been dying to tell you … There’s this guy ! This really nice guy … And I think I like him , but I’m not sure ! But his amazing !

Me : There’s a guy ? ( surprised) Ooooh what’s his name ? ( #curiousmuch)

Raeesa : Zayd , Zayd Ismail … And he is the sweetest guy ever

Me : ( omw Raeesa likes a guy ! Why does that name ring a bell ?… Oh well ) So Reese , how’d you meet this sweet Zayd Ismail ?…

Raeesa went on to telling me about this guy Zayd in her life , you know the how they met , how he asked for her number through somebody , how long they’ve been talking for, how amazing he is and further more …

Raeesa : Oh …And his coming to Gateway today … around 4 ,to see me …. I’m so scared I’ve never met him alone before ! OMG Amee what should I doo ?? I mean do I even look okay ? This guys killing me ! And Rameez thank goodness that he’ll be in the movie around that time !

That’s when it hit me , HARD ! Was I all of a sudden okay with this ? . This is Rameez’s sister , he barely let’s her out of his sight which makes me wonder how she ever met this Zayd guy . It all made sense how she was annoyed when Rameez decided to come , all her yawning and tiredness , it all bawled down to one thing = ZAYD

What am I going to do if she meets this guy ? Do I hide it from Rameez ? Do I warm Rameez ? Do I tell Raeesa no , although we were all there at one stage in our lives ! Do I support her ? … What do I do ?

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R in Casual

R in Casual

Raeesa And Rameez 's House ( back )

Raeesa And Rameez ‘s House ( back )

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Relatable101- Part 36

R & EmJay

R & EmJay

Do you remember when we were little and divulged the colorful crayons throughout the page but were told to color in one direction and keep inside the lines ? Do you remember when we wanted to capture butterflies in jars and keep them but were told to let them free as they would eventually die ? Do you remember when you wanted to keep that gold fish in a bottle or bowl but were told it needed a fish tank and supplies to take care of it ? We’ve always wanted something or the other in life , but we’ve always had to work towards it or compromise ! … So we grew up . We became artists , learned how to care and how to let go , and moreover we learned responsibility.

I woke up that morning with the sole purpose of going to apologize to Rameez and shop up a storm . If I wanted things to be good again all I had to do was say sorry … And that’s what I’m going to do !

It was freezing outside , so after some morning coffee a little Vogue time for some fashion insight I headed for a quick shower . I dressed relatively warm and wore my hear down so it would keep me warm . After saying my goodbyes to mum I headed down the elevator to the front were the driver was waiting for me .

On my way to fetch Raeesa I phrased the many ways I was going to start my conversation with Rameez ( its weird how I even have to pre plan these things! ) My words just wouldn’t collaborate and I decided whatever happens … Well happens !

As soon as I reached the front gate I called Raeesa to open it . Turns out she was having a fashion emergency and needed my help ..

Raeesa: I have nothing to wear , I was so hyped up for summer , I went all 90210 on my closet … The closest I have to anything warm right now is K-Way and I’m soo not resorting to that ..

Me : Reese … Relax , I’ll be there in a bit , I’m sure we’ll work something out .. And stop stressing , its only clothes .. ( these were just words , oh clothes was everything , its a girls happy place I knew exactly how she felt …Its like you can take a girls boyfriend but you can never take her clothes , oh and shoe’s … don’t even get me started hey ! )

Raeesa : ( laugh ) Hurry !! And come round the back , its closer to my room , it will be quicker …

Me : ( laugh) Aww , Ray what would you do without me , I’ll be there soon …

So after driving the really long driveway passing the fountain in the midst of a turning circle and passing the front of the house , the driver drove to the back . There were a lot of garages to pass in order to get to the back which I was now walking passed .
There I found Rameez , he was with a child dressed in a very brightly colored warm jacket . They had their backs facing towards me so they didn’t see me . I liked watching Rameez interact with the kid that looked around 3 years or so . They were facing the car and Rameez was going on about it describing every aspect of the car ( the exhaust , the speed , how fast his been with the car … Etc ) How in the world was a 3 year old going to understand Rameez ??? That I didn’t know lol ….

Me : ( laugh)

Rameez : ( turning around ) ( smile ) Hey …

Me : ( laugh) You really think his going to understand motor sport ?

Rameez : His a Moosa , ( smile ) Its in his blood …

Me : ( leaning down towards the kid ) What’s your name little guy ? ( smile ) ( he was tooo cute )

Rameez : Moe , tell the little girl what’s you name .. ( did he just call me a little girl ! )

Me : Another Moe in the Moosa family ( laugh ) .. Classic !

Rameez : Amaani , meet Moe junior , Faraaz’s son ( I already knew who Faraaz was , its Rameez’s dads youngest brother )

Me : His cute ( now playing with M.J ( Moe junior) )

Rameez : (smirk ) Runs in the family …
( now curious ) What are you doing here ?

Me : Well firstly to say .. ( I paused ) ( its only two words , its only two words ! )

Rameez : To say ?

Me : I’m sorry ( ah .. There we go ! )

Rameez : Your sorry ? ( Really now ! )

Me : Well for yesterday , I know what you did for Aadil ,… and maybe I overreacted …

Rameez : Maybe ?

Me : Rameez !!! ( now saying it really sqeakyly , but also that he should drop it ! )

Rameez : Well If your truly sorry I have a few ways that you can make it up to me ! ( smirk )

Me : ( No ways , but still let’s hear what he has in mind ! ) … How so ?

Rameez : I have a soccer match next week , I want you to come ..

Me : ( that’s not much to ask .. ) Fine !

Rameez : Not do easy there deary …

Me : What’s the catch ? ( I knew there was more that ! )

Rameez : You. have. to. wear. my soccer shirt… With my name on it ! … oh and cheer ! ( I could see he was enjoying this ! That annoying sheepish smile ! )

Me : No ways ( there is no ways I’m going to do that ! ) You. have. hopes !

Rameez : ( smirk ) Why not ?

M.J : ( in his cute little baby voice ) .. Why not …? ( imitating Rameez )

Rameez : ( laugh) See , even EmJay wants you there !

Me : Fine , Maybe …Only for EmJay

Rameez : Your’ll be there ! ( like he was so sure I was going to be there )

Me : I said maybe ..

Rameez : ( turns to M.J ) .. Yeah , she’ll definitely be there !( in a very confident voice )

Thereafter it was a silent few minutes of debating and playing with M.J …

Rameez : Wait , how did you know what I did for Aadil?

Me : ( oh no , not again ! ) He told me !

Rameez : When ?

Me : He called me

Rameez : Guess getting his face trashed wasn’t flippen clear enough !
He still called !

Me : Let it gooo Rameez , and there’s a kid present . Be polite ( smile ) ( zipping M.J’s jacket up ) and anyways the flowers were for Mishka ! ( now looking up at him to see if he felt like a fool because he hit Aadil for nothing ! )

Rameez : I know ! ( so wait he knew and he still didn’t regret hitting Aadil ! What? Did he that angry by just Aadil speaking to me ? )

Me : You know ?

Rameez : Yeah , he explained !

Me : When ? When u sutured him up ? ( trying to remind Rameez he did something good and its okay to show me he did something good )

Rameez : Was an opportunity to cause more pain , ( smirk ) , how could I resist ?

I know he actually felt bad and wanted to help Aadil he just didn’t want to take credit for it or show me his capable of doing good ? Why won’t he admit it and stop trying to make his good seem bad! He so didn’t want to cause more pain ( why would he get painkillers for Aadil then ?) ! Before I could say more I checked my phone to find 3 miss calls from Raeesa , ( oh no , she’s going to kill me , and her fashion emergency ! Yikes ! )

Me: Its Raeesa I have to go

MJ: Reese …

Rameez : Do you know where her room is ?

Me : ( he had a point , I didn’t , and I would have gotten lost ! ) Err. No coming to think of it !

Rameez : ( smile ) I’ll show you …( picking up Emjay and guiding me into the house . )

We took a lift up in order to reach Raeesa’s room . ( You heard me a lift ! ) A glass lift that just went up and down two floors ! ( How do four people live in such a big house ? Wait a minute there’s 3 of us in mines which is three quarter this size , I shouldn’t complain ! , but heyy we don’t have lifts ! )

In the lift :

Rameez : Amaani …

Me : Yeah ?

Rameez : Erm… I … I’m sorry ..

Me : Rameez Moosa says sorry , ( shocked) Who knew ?

Rameez : You know ( pause )… And that’s all that matters …

Before I could reply , but it was pointless words failed me again , I mean c’mon he just apologized and meant it ! So again before I could reply … Raeesa was waiting impatiently and pulled me out of the lift as soon as it opened to adhere to her fashion emergency . ( It was a funny sight ) . Rameez and M.J followed not too far behind .

After solving Raeesa’s emergency , she went to change , in which Rameez and I were trying to teach M.J to say my name . He called Rameez ‘Meez’ ( ah so that were Raeesa gets it from ! ) and managed to say ‘meeni’ on a first try in which Rameez remarked that ‘ that’s right she’s mean EmJay isn’t she ! ‘ Eventually all the kid could get out was Amee but hey it better than ‘meeni’

Finally Raeesa was satisfied with what I chose and we were heading out when Rameez who was lying on the bed with M.J now started his Inquiry 101

Rameez : Where are you’ll going by the way ?

Raeesa : Shopping , Gateway … And Yess I’m going alone and No you cannot gate crash my plans

( was he always like that , Jeez #protectivemuch )

Rameez : ( now ignoring Raeesa and turning to M.J).. What’s say Emjay ? You wanna go for a movie ?

M.J : ( suddenly smiling like he got candy and started nodding his head faster than anything ) Yayy! Meez .. MooooVeeee!

Rameez : You heard the kid ! C’mon ( no getting up from Raeesa’s bed smeared with clothes of every color ! ) I’ll take you’ll ..

Me : ( His coming with ! ) Your coming with ? ( the contentment in my voice ! )

Rameez : ( picking up M.J from the bed and nodding ) Well you’ll aren’t going alone that’s for sure !

Raeesa : ( who now seemed fairly pissed ) You always do this !

Rameez : Doo not ! ( Ah ! sibling rivalry , something that was so cute , but I never had ! )

Raeesa : ( now whispering to me ) He always does this !

So Rameez was coming with … This should be eventful !

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Relatable101- Part 35

Realization! What is it ? … Its the point in time when what you’ve believed stands to be corrected ! It could be that equation in Maths class that you now understand or it could be out in the real world when you realize you’ve been wrong about so much . Maybe wrong about someone ? …

Me : And why do you have a pizza box in your hand ? ( looking at the pizza box he was holding , trying to fit the jigsaw )

Rameez : Oh this is for you … ( putting the box forward to hand it to me )

Me : I know ! I ordered it ! ( saying in the most sarcastic tone I had )… My question is why do you have it ?

Rameez : Met the delivery guy on my way up !

Me : So you thought you’d just pay for it and deliver it ! ( seriously ! Why does he keep paying for everything , I’m sure as hell we can afford food ! )

Rameez : Pretty much …(smirk )

Me : Why ? ( No ! Seriously ! Why )

Rameez : Oh… I just know you’d prefer me over the delivery guy…. What’s better then Rameez and Pizza ? (smirk )

Rameez : ( yeah I’m so not getting any straight answers from him ! ) ( sarcastic laugh ) Haha … So what are you doing here ?

And before I knew it my mother reached the front door to see what was keeping me … ( oh no ! )

Mum : Amaani What’s keeping… Oh Rameez ? ( the bitter tone from Amaani what’s … To the sweet oh Rameez was really bringing my abandonment issues out .)

Rameez : Assalamhualaikum Aunty Fems. ( Assalamhualaikum ? …Aunty Fems ? … When did the sky turn pink ? When did a fish give birth to a shark ? When did Rameez Moosa greet my mother without using his usual ‘Heyy’ and ‘sup’ …. And worst of all when did he have a nickname for my mother ‘fems’ *cough …
Daddy would not approve ! )

Mum : Wslmz … Rameez , C’mon in… … Amaani dear its bad manners to keep guests waiting outside for so long …

Me : Guest ? (almost choking on my words) ( yeah , right ! Pssht) ( his no guest , his trespassing my safe zone ! )

Just before mum could tell me anymore the house phone rang which she went in to answer , I had no intention to talk to Rameez so I turned to walk back inside .

Rameez : Amaani …

Me : ( turning around ) ( that’s more like it , let him beg for forgiveness ! ) What ?

Rameez : Pizza (grin) ( putting the box forward once again )

Me : ( if only I could wipe that grin of his face , its like his deliberately trying to get to me ! )( so I took the box and stashed the money in his hand )
Keep the change !!
( and after I flashed the biggest sarcastic smile I walked back in )

As expected Rameez followed a little behind me and when we got to the kitchen where my mum was he left the money on the granite top . ( Why won’t he just take it ? ) … So we waited , silently , but he just wouldn’t stop smiling and it was getting to me !

Me : Stop Smiling !

Rameez : Why ? Does it bother you ? (grin )

Me : Seriously why are you smiling ?

Rameez : Because I’m happy ! ( pause ) ( why is he happy , he just punched a guy today ! That’s nothing to be happy about ! )
It’s good to be happy you know . You should smile more often ! (smile )

Me : I think I’m fine !

Rameez : C’mon smile , be happy … Its good for your health ! ( Yeah then why do doctors give us medication ? They should just say go home and smile dear patient , tomorrow the world will be better and oh I don’t know , maybe your cancer/AIDS/tumor will disappear too! )

Me : Not everybody has to be happy all the time ! That’s not mental health ! That’s crap .

Mum : Rameez dear , did your dad want just the documents or he needs the prints as well ?

Rameez : I think he said only the documents , he mentioned something about you emailing him the prints to finalize ?

Mum : Okay Wonderful … Just give me two minutes …

So mum walked to her study to get some documents . ( What did I miss here ? )

Me : What documents ?

Rameez : Oh your mums doing the interior for the new F-medic hospital in Johannesburg ,… (pause ) didn’t you know ?

Me : ( well me and my mother don’t really discuss her work , so I doubt I’d know ! ) Not really …

Mum : ( when did she get back ? ) Well I was going to tell you before you disagreed to hear anything I had to say ! ( pointing out our unfinished discussion on Aunty Kairoon’s beloved Bilaal )

Me : That was different and this is different !

Mum : Rameez , talk some sense into her , she just won’t listen to me anymore…

Rameez : (looking at me ) You should really listen to Aunty Femz .. Amaani ( at this moment in time I could literally hit him with that same pizza he paid for ,Nah that won’t do !… Maybe those stashed away AMC pots which my mums been collecting for my trusou will come in handy , I’d use them to knock some sense into him ! )

Me : Really ? You don’t even know what were talking about ! ( I’d like to see how he’d react to my mother wanting me to talk to another guy ! )

Mum : Rameez .. You know Bilaal right , Aunty Kairoons Bilaal , what a nice boy he is . They have such a good reputation , his studying engineering , his so sweet , so good looking …

Me : ( trying to imitate my mother ) So respectful …

Mum : ( acknowledging my comment ) Yess…So respectful !

Me : So intelligent …

Mum : Yess… So intelligent !

Me : What a gem of a person !

Mum : Yess …. What a gem !

Me : What a douche !

Mum : Yes … What a .. (pause )… No. ( and her sudden realization ) … Amaaaaaneeee!

Rameez : (smile)

Me: (giggle)

Mum : All I’m saying is she should just talk to him ! Aunty Kairoon likes her and why won’t she just give Bilaal a chance ?

It was fun seeing the mood swing on Rameez’s face , exactly what I was expecting ! I could see from his new found expression he wasn’t very fond of my mums suggestion .

Rameez : ( finally breaking his silence and talking to me ) … Sooo why don’t you want to speak to him ? Erm Bilaal ?
Me : ( really his going to fish from me ! Rameez Moosa put away you rod and stick to soccer ! ) (so I shrugged my shoulders giving an ‘I don’t know ‘ without saying it )

Rameez : His a nice guy … (So now his encouraging me ? … Fine )

Me : Okay then I’ll speak to him ! ( First he punches a guy which I thought was out of jealousy for me , now he makes it like I stand to be corrected ! He won’t even apologize for anything )

Mum : That’s my girl ! ( my mum now smiling in joy of my acceptance ) ..

Me : Anything for you mum ! ( Why won’t he say anything ? Why won’t he stop me ? )

Mum : You see Rameez I knew you could talk some sense into my daughter . She never listens to me and its wonderful , today , you just asked her once and she agreed .

And still nothing from his end , he just half heatedly smiled and said nothing in reply ! … Then with a startle my phone rang to break the silence ( oh how I love my phone , helps me escape ! )

Me : If you’ll excuse me…

So I walked away into the lounge and answered my phone while my mum seemed to chat Rameez up on what’s happening in his life …

Me : Hello ?

Aadil : Heyy Amaani

Me : Oh, Aadil ! I’m so so so sorry , I really meant to call you after all that’s happened today and I really didn’t get a chance … I’m so sorry for what Rameez did , I really am … I don’t know what’s gotten into him …

Aadil : Amaani Amaani , Slow down

Me : I’m sorry …

Aadil : Yo girl , you talk a lot !

Me : Erm .. I’m sorry about that too ..

Aadil : and apologize a lot too !

Me : But I really am sorry for what he did ! That was a pretty hard one ! How are you feeling ? And truly I am sorry , I don’t even feel like talking to Rameez after everything ! I really am upset with him … ( I really didn’t , this entire day it seemed like his mission in life was to frustrate the day and night lights outta me ! )

Aadil : Heyy ! Relax ! I’m fine … Don’t be so harsh on the dude ! Bru’s got a solid grip but his got a good heart too !

Me : Huh ? … Aadil , he just sucker punched you into the ground and your defending him ?

Aadil : Amaani ! After that he was also the one to come back and help me !

Me : He what ? ( I’m sorry .. He Whaaaat ? )

Aadil : Yeah , after you left the oue felt pretty slack about it , he got some ice , some painkillers for me . Turns out I needed stitches and he did that too . He took me to I think its F-Med or something … Did the sutures himself and dropped me home ! His pretty advanced for a third year !

Me : Its F-Medic , his dad kinda owns it ! That’s why his advanced , like he generally knows more because his got his own daddy’s hospital to play and experiment with . ( okay I know hospitals aren’t playgrounds and you need serious skill to be around there treating people , but hey I couldn’t give Rameez all the credit and compliment him on his capabilities ! )… Well its the least he could do !

Aadil : ( laugh ) Atleast I have cool story for the ladies and the scar is sick !

Me : Your unbelievable ! ( laugh ) That’s was a pretty solid punch hey ? ( now laughing at today’s events )

Aadil : ( laugh ) Heyy , rematch ! Then we’ll see …

Me : No ways , no more violence and getting hurt , its like you med students want to practice medicine on yourselfs !

Aadil : ( laugh ) Why you so worried , I know you’d be cheering Rameez on all the way … Id probably get my a** kicked with your uncontrollable desire for him to win and not get hurt !

Me : Yeah right ! ( my sarcastic voice )

Aadil : Am I wrong ?

Me : AADIL !

Aadil : (giggle) I got my answer … ( saying it like he knows something )

Me : Okay , I’m glad your feeling better , but I have to get going , take care Aadil ..

Aadil : sensitive topic I see … ( laugh ) … See ya Amaani

After the call I realized that Rameez actually did go back to clean up his mess ! Literally ! He sutured up Aadil and helped him home . There was a good side to this dark and twisted boy . One I owed an apology to , and one that was conveniently in my kitchen ! So I went back to the kitchen on a mission to give Rameez a break and just let him be , all this time I thought he left Aadil with a broken face but in reality he went back because he felt bad ! I owed him an apology…

I went back to the kitchen to find Rameez and my mum laughing away but before I could intervene in their conversation Rameez said he had to leave and words failed me . I owed him an apology . Its just 2 simple words ‘ I’m sorry ‘ … Why is it so hard to say ?

Rameez : Goodnight Amaani ( as he walked pass me heading for the entrance )( and then he walked a few steps back ) Oh and Nazia smiles all the time , guess she’s truly happy . Wonder who does that to her ? ( Yeah , confirmed , he was totally trying to get to me ! )

Me : ( trying to act like I don’t care ) Maybe me , cause you know how so deeply affectionate she is towards me ! ( sarcasm kicking in )

Rameez : ( laugh ) I should get going , tho cut down on the pizza you’ll drop a few …(smirk )

Me : ( still analyzing his comment … Apology my foot , and I weigh a mere 46 kg , my BMI is even low ! How dare he ! ) … ( smile ) Yeah you should ! You know where’s the door , show yourself out!

Rameez : (laugh ) ( and he soon left )

That idiot , he knew exactly how to get to me and that it would work . Well tomorrows a new day and I have shopping plans with Raeesa… maybe I’ll bump into Rameez ( oh please wake up with the sole purpose tomorrow to meet Rameez , see Rameez , give Rameez a snarky comment and leave , and shop up a storm ! )

The rest of the night I played around trying new things with my hair , at least I found a whole lot of new styles to do when I go out . Of to bed … Early to bed , early to rise . Tomorrows going to be a long day !

Mums Penthouse

Mums Penthouse

xoxo A

R101 Memories With R♥A

Their First Convo For Us

Their First Convo For Us

Those R♥A moments :

☀-When Rameez gave Amaani 101 Roses that reached her mum #oops
★-When Rameez pacified Amaani on campus and wanted to kneel in public and apologize #aww
☃-‘Old Times’… Those Rameez and Amaani lunch dates and pier walks .
♣-Those Rameez and Amaani childhood memories that they reminisce over #Themdays
✗-The parking lot showdown between Amaani and Rameez @ Musgrave #TheirFirstFight
♥-The infamous balcony scene #BothTimes
♦-When Amaani returns home to find Rameez in her room #shocker
♬-Zara’s mehndhi night when Rameez admits his glad he knows Amaani… R- ‘just glad I met you ‘
☂-Zara’s wedding when Rameez calms Amaani down and she’ll always be his failure . #Rameez ‘I’ll always like you ‘
☆-Rameez’s suprise #PrivateJet#AquariumLunch#LamborghiniShowroom
☺-R101 with Rameez , when he first saw Amaani #firsts
►-When Rameez rushed in to fetch Amaani from Spiga leaving Nazia in the car and what followed #sailor
✽-When Rameez punched Aadil for speaking to Amaani and what followed #ouch
♡-And finally R pitching up at Amaan’s mums house #suprisesuprise#suspense

So what’s your favorite part of #R101: (p.s : not all scenes are up , if you have a favorite and it isn’t above …Feel free to add it .Also all pictures used in this post was taken from the #R101 instagram account :) Hope you like them … So comment and let me know what was your fave R and A moment … Lots of Love ..)

Rameez Moosa Intro

Rameez Moosa Intro

Meet Amaani Merchant

Meet Amaani Merchant

xoxo A