Relatable101- Part 30

Delena Shipper

Delena Shipper

So after much contemplating and finishing my episode of TVD I whatsapped Raeesa :

Me : Heyya Reese ( we got the nick name from the Reese’s chocolate Raeesa was addicted to when she was a kid )

Raeesa: Ameeeeeeee…. I thought you’d never text , what’s up ? How are things ?

Me : ( clearly I wasn’t prepared for that level of enthusiasm ) … I’m great lol … I was thinking do you wanna do coffee tonight ? Do some catching up lol :)

Raeesa : I’d love too :) … Sure :) what time ?

Me : Wonderful ? … Where do you wanna go tho ? … I’ve run outta coffee shops to try lol .. The drivers gone to drop my grandad of at the airport so as soon as his home I’ll leave . Say about 7ish ?

Raeesa : I’ve been living in Pjz all day trying to watch some Vd I’m sure that will be enough time to change… Can’t go out looking like a fash flop :D … 7 is perfect !

Raeesa : Do u wanna go to Spiga on Florida Road , its really good !

Me : Reese you’d look good in anything ! Omw how amazing was the last ep , I’m so shipping Damon and Elena !!! … Awesome ..Spiga sounds good… Pick you up soon :)

Raeesa : Oh please , your the one that looks stunning in absolutely anything ! Tho dress to impress we never know who we’re going to find on Florida Road !

Raeesa: Nooo , I love her with Stefan , they are so cute . Lol Ms Amaani Merchant you like Damon because his got his bad boy perks ;)

Me : ( well that should explain my liking to her brother ) … Lol I’m still a Delena fan , hey his changing for her !

( ironic to my situation , maybe I could be a TVD example , however I don’t have a Stefan in my life ! ) ( its funny how true it is there’s no good guys , Zara was right , were magnets to the bad ones )

Me : Lol lemme go get ready , see you soon :)

Raeesa : Mwahzies :) Tara ..

Around five to 7 I was outside Raeesa’s house where I didn’t even have to hoot because she was already waiting outside. ( I was hoping to go inside and see Rameez , if he was even home . Oh well ! ).. Before we knew it we were at Spiga talking away ….

Raeesa : ( amidst our uncontrollable laughter ) And when you put a firecracker in the fountain at the Black and White supper ! Everyone’s faces !

Me : ( the laughter was uncontrollable at this stage during our trip down memory lane , their was so much we shared in our childhood , how did I forget it all , I guess I didn’t want to remember my childhood after the divorce ) … Insane .. But the best part was I didn’t get into trouble for it , I got off Scot free …

Raeesa : ( giggle ) … Amee .. That’s because Rameez took the blame for you !

Me : ( my laughing at a halt ) ( smile ) He did ? ( I can’t believe he did)

Raeesa : You really don’t remember much ( laugh )… (pause) Soo you and Rameez , cmon , tell me…

Me : ( oh no , there’s the Raeesa I know , what am I going to tell her ) … ( I didn’t even know I blushed ) .. (laugh)

Raeesa : Your blushing , I was so right ! There is something !

Me : Raeesa !

Raeesa : Cmon I’d love to have you as my sister in law ! What more can I ask for ! ( smile )

Me : ( wait ! Marriage , marrying Rameez ! I’ve never thought that far , okay maybe one or two times . ) .. Your crazy Reese ! ( laugh )… Its getting late we should really head back… Why don’t you come stay over tonight ? … I have the house to myself . Well we have Alice and the others if we need anything . But cmon it will be like old times (smile)

Raeesa : Your changing the topic … But yeah that would be great .

Me : Awesome … Lemme call the driver to fetch us…

Raeesa : No ….. ( smile ) Don’t worry about it , Rameez will fetch us .

Me : ( oh no ) .. No its okayy. ( smile) the driver will get us … Really its like his job ( and I couldn’t have sounded more pathetic )

Raeesa : Oh don’t be shy Amee , Rameez doesn’t bite ( wink) .. And I’ll have to go home to get my stuff , pjz , toothbrush and ask mum so it’ll be easier …

Me : ( she had a point ) … Okayy okayy … And I’m not scared of your brother by the way ( smile )

So Raeesa called her mum to send Rameez for us which I have no idea how I felt about , but I waited till she got of the call .

Me : What happened ? ( seeing the disapproving look on her face )

Raeesa : Urgh! Nazia’s at my place with her mum , and I heard her in the background ‘ oh is that Raeesa , er my gawd !! I haven’t seen her in ages , I’ll go with Meezo to collect her .. Ah I can’t wait to see her ‘ ( Raeesa’s imitation of Nazia was way funnier then mines ) ( tho I don’t think those were exactly Nazia’s words ) ..So she’s coming with Rameez !

Me : ( I hated every bit of that but was trying not to show it ) ( Nazia would your parents just ship you to like Taiwan NOW ) … You don’t like her ? ( in my oh so casual voice )

Raeesa : Do you ? ( smirk ) ( she’s definitely Rameez’s sister ) ( their tendency to smirk when they know something )

Me : ( laugh) But why don’t you like her ? ( cmon join the team tell me why you don’t like her )

Raeesa : Because she likes me only for my brother duh ! She’s all over him ! Like literally !!! You know there’s a reason she hasn’t seen me in a while ! I’m avoiding her … How do you even stand her ? ( see its not only me , she really is all over Rameez and I hate every second of it , can she lay off already , oh and yayy ReesE , your on board the hate Nazia train )

Me : ( if only Raeesa knew ) … We should get going , come let’s wait for them ? ( how was I staying so calm it baffles me ) ( but I wanted to do is put her in a duffle bag and ship her ! )

Raeesa : Oh its okayy Rameez will get us from inside … If I had to stand out and wait he’d kill me . His so overprotective is unbelievable ! Once I was waiting outside Gates while he parked and this guy came to ask me for my number , oh it was one bad thrashing for him and I’ve never heard the end of that story . So we have to wait in ( giggle ) .

Me : ( that’s I can believe , Rameez Moosa always staking his claim ) He really did that ?

Raeesa : Yeah , he has that tendency ! If he cares about someone his protective measures go extreme , I guess that’s how he shows his feelings , and if we had to wait outside he’d have an even bigger nervous breakdown , you know , since your with me . ( smirk ) ( there it is again , the family trait of the Moosa siblings )

So we continued for a while revising memory lane … Until the infamous Rameez made his grand entry . In his soccer kit ! A white Madrid kit with a little blue on the outline . I’m guessing he just got back from soccer when his mum must have ordered him to fetch us . So I thought before he speak let me break the ice , test how deep the water is . Meaning I’m going to see what his moods like !

Me : Nice uniform ( kind of not what I was going for but snarky it was )

Rameez : ( smirk ) Thanks Sailor ( he just picked on what I was wearing , fine I guess white and navy blue is not the best choice for a coffee date when Rameez Moosa gets involved. )

Me : Aww No Nazia ?

And then guess who made there pathetic entry ? ( 5 bucks for guessing ) … Yeah Nazia !!!

Nazia : Heard my name so here I am ( smiling )

Me : Of course you did ! ( clear sarcasm in my voice )

Nazia : ( after faking a smile at me turning towards Raeesa ) … Ray Ray ( who in the world is Ray Ray ) …it been ages , its so lovely seen you . Honey , you know if you needed a coffee buddy you should’ve called me , I’ve always ( emphasis on the always ) got time for you .

Raeesa : Thanks Nazia , that’s really sweet . Tho I needed to catch up with Amaani . ( aww Raeesa , always so sweet with her doll face and matching light brown eye’s like her brothers , how could anyone not love her . )

Me : Yeah Thanks tho ! ( rising up from my seat ) By the way nice blue contacts , you know we just all can’t be born with it . ( I’ve noticed she started wearing blue contacts recently it makes me wonder if its to impersonate me , but why ?) ( okay I have no idea where Rebel Amaani was coming from but I guess that’s what you get when you deprive 3 days of Rameez from Amaani ! )

And before Nazia could say much …

Rameez : Oh Kay ladies we should get going . Raeesa did you sort the bill yet ? Or should I get it ? ( sweet ! I guess he was checking on his little sister )

Raeesa : Yeah , well Amaani got it !

Rameez : Why ? ( oh what so I’m not allowed to pay for things now ) … ( awkward pause of silence between us ) Cmon let’s make a move .

So we all walked out , Rameez in the front , Nazia who leaped forward to walk right beside him and me and Raeesa who followed . After a while Raeesa started to whisper to Rameez .

Nazia : Heyy ! Why’d you leave me ? ( whispering tone )

Rameez : ( looking annoyed ) when ?

Nazia : When we reached , you just jumped out the car and rushed into the restaurant . You didn’t wait for me Rameez !

Rameez : Oh ! ( pause ) … Thought you weren’t coming !

Nazia : Really ? This late in the night you thought I’d stay alone outside in the car while you impatiently rush in for dear little Amaani merchant . Oh please !

Rameez : ( now with a voice ice cold ) Drop it ! ( that forced her to drop it )

Well that conversation made me smile , but still he was with Nazia who he promised to keep distance from . All was well , even my anger was under control until we reached the car . Nazia plunged forward so she could sit in the front seat and there was my subconscious screaming ‘let me at her , let me at her ‘ … ( I mean seriously ) !

How am I going to manage going home with her occupying the front seat so close to him and be able to say nothing ! ( oh boy ! Wish me luck so I can keep my rebel in check ! )

Rameez ' Thanks Sailor '

Rameez ‘ Thanks Sailor ‘

xoxo A

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13 thoughts on “Relatable101- Part 30

  1. Omg I hate nazia so much gosh she is so fake n I really can’t stand fake people
    raeesah is really cute ( guess all raeesah’s are cute ;) ) not being conceited lol
    Can’t wait for the next post
    #TeamDelena #TeamRnA :)
    P.s think we should come up with a shipping name for Amaani and Rameez, like Ramaani or Ameez , not very creative so,you can decide can decide A :)

    • Lol thank you… @ Ray … All raeesa’s I know are cute lol and are the sweetest . That would be amazing ( the shipping name ) … Let’s see what the viewers like and we’ll get out shipping name from there . ;)

      • Aww u really sweet yourself,really wish I knew your name tho I know you won’t say
        So whoever you are keep up the amazing doing a good job :)

  2. Nazia needs to go let’s ship her away some where far away from rameez, then amaani n rameez can fall in love. Reese is super sweet

  3. We want more! We want more! We want more! Lol :D 31 pleeeaaaasssseeeee! Please……….. Even if its immediatelt after 12 tonight :P #consider it

  4. Man I love this diary!rameez is such a cute badboy and Amaani her sarcasm is hilarious!!!mAaf around wen do you post?take care loving the story

  5. Did I jus read right??? A little after midnight?? :D :D :D whoop! Whoop! Love ya! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 and a ½ hours left and counting!

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